Unofficial Tasman Pound Dogs Website

This website is to help the Tasman District Council Dog Pound find homes for their dogs. It is not an official website and photos and comments are from my walking the dogs twice a week for the last five years as a volunteer. The Tasman Pound dogs are usually dogs off the streets, abuse cases or surrendered dogs.

All these dogs need help, some of them haven't had much of a chance in life, others end up at the Pound because of changes in their owners lifestyles. Often the dogs are just that bit cleverer than the normal family dog, they could be dogs that get themselves into trouble and they're the kind of dogs I love!

Certain breeds and even certain colours have a difficult time, they can be gentle, loving, caring but still no-one wants them. This page helps these dogs find homes.

It shows only a random sample of the dogs rehomed from the Pound between 2013 and 2015,but you can see what great dogs they are, just as good and we think better as any purebred dog!